The mission

So I’ve got 4 weeks until Hurt Camp, and well, er, you know, this is really hard for me to write this…

So I’m a little fat.

Ok yes I’m fit, and I’m healthy (ish), but I’m not in tip top condition.

And there’s nothing quite like lining up with 11 other strong, fit and talented athletes in a months time ON TV (!?!)  to  hit me hard with the reality stick!!!

So I’ve got a bit of work to do – on my body, on my mind and on my life.

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it as hard and as best as you can, right? RIGHT!

I’ve always been one to go it alone.
I train by myself, and I find it hard to ask for help (because I’m a capable strong woman, I feel I should be able to do anything)

And I know I can.

However there’s also part of me that isn’t too sure…

Have you ever thought what would be possible if you knew you could not fail?

How would it feel to have an absolute belief in yourself and your abilities?

How about if your internal thoughts were always:
‘You can do it!’
‘Go longer, further, faster, stronger!
‘I know you can!’
‘You were made for this!’ ‘
‘You are a champion!’
‘You really are a beautiful person’

Do you think life would be different?

DO you think you’d be a different person?

Do you think you’d try more? Do more? Be more?

I reckon you would be.

Well I know I would be.

In fact, I’m certain things would be different for me…

So I’ve decided I want to live an awesome life.

I know I’ve lived a pretty awesome life so far, and seen and done many many (crazily;) amazing things.

And it has been awesome.

But I’ve always pushed and driven myself, and achieved great things, but I’ve never really deep down believed in myself.

I mean I always know I can do something, but there’s a difference in knowing and a real knowing.

It’s always been a challenge for me.

I have this alter ego Andrea that loves sleeping in.

And real Late.

That really hates me going to the gym and encourages me to buy blocks of chocolate and almost inhale them.

That’s tells me it’s too cold, that I’m too tired, that i don’t have enough time, that I can’t/shouldn’t/won’t/don’t.

And I hate her.

She constantly calls on me.

And she quite often doesn’t take no for an answer.

I know many of you reading this may be thinking ‘Andrea’s the most positive and motivating person I know!’
And I am positive and motivated (and super driven.)

That’s the other Andrea.

And she’s pretty cool.

That’s the Andrea that thinks it a great idea to run 115km, to cycle solo 2000km across two countries carrying all her tent and gear (despite the bitter cold and snow – when she was prepared for sun in Summer.)

That’s the Andrea that spends all night dancing at a gig to arrive at the start line of the Tough Mudder 20km Obstacle Race with an hours sleep to have forgotten her training gear, but continues on, wearing the biggest smile and having the loudest cheer.

That’s the Andrea who think it’s fun to cycle 5-6 hours to and from Glastonbury, a 6 day Music Festival, just so she can go on an adventure and see more of the countryside (whilst others find it hard to sit in a car home.)

Yeah that’s the Andrea that trains hard, but because of the other Andrea, she doesn’t think she’s really any good, however places top ten in NZ’s Coast to Coast 280km Multi-sport Race (and so much of a surprise her support team isn’t even ready for her.)

She’s a bit of a crazy cat.

Yeah that’s the Andrea I like.

In fact, I love it when she’s dominant in my life.

She rocks!

So anyway….back to me wanting to live an awesome life.

I’ve decided that I want to be surrounded by positive, driven, smart, motivated and inspiring people.

I want to create an environment that the annoying Andrea feels uncomfortable.

Not that I haven’t been surrounded by people like that before.

Of course.

I’ve had some amazing people in my life, and my friends and family are wonderful and supportive, but I’m talking about constantly being around people that inspire you to be on your game.

(and besides I moved to a country and a city where I didn’t know anyone, just because I thought it would be cool to live there, so I’m not surrounded by my old friends and family.)

But you know the type of people that have you double checking yourself, you watch what you say, what you do.

They inspire you to be a better person.

The people that are fitter, stronger, and more successful than you.

I want this because I want to feel pushed to also be fitter, stronger, and to achieve my goals.

And I want to believe I can.

I want to have a deep down knowing that I can be or have whatever it is that I want.

And then to go forth and get it.

How awesome would that be?

Pretty gawd dam AMAZING I reckon!

So my mission for the next month is the get as fit and as strong as I can.

To get rid of my blooby stomach and feel awesome in my skin.

To have an amazing and inspiring support network around me.

To get my business up and successfully running.

To go forward in my life with determination, confidence and a belief that I can achieve what it is that I want.

And I’m going to document the journey here for you to read and to share the journey with me.

I would feel honoured if you followed me in my mission.

Please do feel free to comment, like and to share.

It’s always good to know that people are there.

It’s like an invisible hand holding.

It’s like you’re also part of my cheerleading team.

And you can NEVER have enough cheerleaders in your life.

Let’s keep it real. Let’s DO THIS! 🙂

Please do leave a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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