Feeling strong, super fit, and sexy…that is, when I allow myself to feel that way ;)

So people have been asking me about my training, and it has been going well.

Terrific in fact.

The body is adoring the work I’m giving it, and my fitness has gone through the roof.
Every week I’m making massive progress, and it keeps startling me, and I mean startling me!

I’ve always been pretty fit, and I’ve always been good at pushing myself and working hard, but my fitness has massively improved in such a short period of time, it’s actually quite amazing.

Just tonight I went out mountain bike riding with Trevor Mullens (who I hadn’t ridden with in over 2 weeks.) I was feeling like I must’ve been slowing him down, and felt like I wasn’t going very hard (especially compared to last time we rode together – I was pushing HARD the whole time!)
Trevor couldn’t stop telling me how well I was riding and that I had improved so much (we rode a lot of single track, and around some good hills
– Trevor has a ‘Go F**ken HAAARD!’ mentality on all the hills “Need to train hard in training so you thank yourself when you’re racing’ 😉 -which is pretty awesome !
He said he wasn’t slowing down for me at all.


So the reason why I felt like I wasn’t going hard enough was because my cardio vascular fitness had improved so much, my body had adapted and although I was going much harder and faster than 2 weeks prior, it felt easy – MASSIVE WIN!

But what was interesting to me (well actually not that much of a surprise) was that I didn’t feel like I’d improved, didn’t feel I should be proud – this is a constant issue of mine as I never really feel happy with myself, I’m always wanting more, pushing for more, and have a difficult time in appreciating myself  and feeling good about who I am and what I’ve done.

Whatever I’ve done I’m always looking at how it could be better, what could I do differently next time, what else I could do etc. Which of course is great for never ending self improvement and self development, but not so good in helping yourself feel good about who you are and who you are becoming (which is one of the secrets to getting what you want in life!)
And yes, i am working on it 🙂

We all need to feel good about who we are and who we are becoming.

Waking up in the morning and saying to yourself “I’m tired’ “Man I’m fat’ ‘Jez I slept through my alarm! I’m soooooo useless!’ ‘Argggh I hate my hair, I look dreadful!’ well I can guarantee that you will feel that exact way.
(or any other words you say to yourself)

And in fact the Universe actually thinks that’s how you want to feel, and will happily give you more and more situations or events that continue to reinforce this to you.

So the solution?

Change your thinking!

Change what crap goes into and out from your body (ok now I’m hitting on ensuring you fuel yourself with nutritious real foods and hydrate too 🙂

But change your thinking and you literally change your world!

NO you don’t need to lose 5-10kg before you’ll be happy.
Don’t need to get a promotion, get out of debt, buy a house, find a partner, paint your lounge etc,

Sure, there’s no denying you may NEED to do those things, but you’re more likely to do it if you focus on what you want (as opposed to what you don’t want) and if you immediately feel happy or good about where you are now.

-By  focusing on what you want I mean instead of saying I want to find a partner who doesn’t cheat on me, isn’t fat, and doesn’t spend their day watching TV, doesn’t smoke, has no baggage
(which just the fact you focus on that, you WILL get that in your life!
It’s the Law of Attraction. You get what you think about most of the time.
However if you focus on what you want e.g. A smart, witty, driven partner who is loving, caring and pushes and supports me in my drive to be a better person.
Then that’s what you’ll get!

Now doing this isn’t easy.

Most of us have ingrained negative patterns of thinking, and you aren’t even aware of the utter negative crap you’re fuelling yourself with every single second.

But being aware of it is the first process to change right?


So I have what’s kinda like a dream book, but it’s a book where I’ve written my dreams, goals and aspirations, and the ideal me- the words I use to describe the person I’m becoming.
I try to look at these as often as I can, to remind me and keep me focused on the positive, and what I’m aiming for.

And it works amazingly so.

If I don’t feel like doing something, or I wake up and do feel tired, and down about my accomplishments so far, I have a quick read and it instantly changes my feelings.

It helps me put on my running shoes and sprint out the door.
If I’m reading about a driven, determind, super fit, strong and  inspiring woman, how can I not do something that will positively make me feel that way?
My using this simple technique I am  pretty much guaranteed to become the person I want to be! Wohooo!

Sure it’s tough, and my negative thoughts constantly creep in and sit on my shoulder unannounced and uninvited, but I’m learning to recognise them, or keep them away by reading and referring to my little book.

Maybe this is something you could try to?

It’s such fun to write, and it makes me feel so good reading it (and the opportunities that have presented to myself since doing this literally blows my mind!)

But I’m too far in debt, I’m too lazy, I’m too unfit, I’m too unmotivated to do such a thing, I hear you cry.
Then what on earth have you got to lose???!

Focus on what you want to be, who you want to become.

And be nice to yourself in the process.

Yes you may not be there yet, but you are on your way, you are working towards a more positive future, and you are amazing for giving it a go.

But remember, it’s really, really, really hard not to achieve your goals if you don’t give up.

So just make the decision not to give up!

The only thing separating you between where you are now and where you want to be, is your mind.
Noooooo not the fact that you don’t have money or time, or motivation, or that you have kids, or don’t have parents, or don’t have legs….. it’s your mind!

So go on get writing.

Don’t restrict yourself.

What is the ideal you like?

What is your ideal life like?

Write it down and look at it every day.
Multiple times throughout the day even.

Trust me, it will positively change your life.

I believe in you 🙂


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