The World Multisport Championships 14 Feb 2015

So I’m alive!
243km from the west to the east side of New Zealand in 15 hours at the Speights Coast to Coast World Multisport Championships!

And wow! You guys have completely blown me away!

Thank you sooooo much for your amazing words!!

I am sooooo honoured a lot of you took the time to track me, think about me and send me amazing messages! Thank you!!

Wow what a day!

So I was feeling great after the first run and bike (and was in 3rd place) however I made a key error that had me on the backfoot leading into the run, and from there a series of nutrition errors meant I just didn’t have enough in my tank to race as hard as I wanted.

I was often very cranky, short and emotional (I was seriously undercarbed at times) and when I saw my amazing support crew I was a gross mess trying to stuff as much food into my my mouth, combined with copious amounts of snot and sweat, they really had the best job haha.

A huge thanks to Warren, Steve and Lesley, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, thank you!

Also huge thank you to the Peebles family who followed me for half of the race, yahooing and taking photos. It was so awesome thank you!

So a huuuuge day of learnings, but the main one being, I KNOW I have it in me to go much much faster.
It was very testing conditions with a very strong and cold wind during the paddle and cycle sections made it more challenging.

This was my first time entering the World Multisport Champs, and let’s just say, even despite the bruises, muscle soreness and slightly deflated feeling, it definitely won’t be my last. I already know how I can improve my performance and I can’t wait for next year!

So 8th placing for the Speights Coast to Coast World Multisport Championships (8mins behind 7th and 15mins behind 6th.)












Bring on next year!!!

I thought it would be ok…

2 1/2 years ago because of my own inability to act, I lost something very very dear to me.

I believed I had time.

I was so so wrong.

I was living in Ibiza on the 4th story of an apartment.
I was wearing my deceased Dad’s Wedding ring (I wore it everywhere.)
When doing my washing on the balcony the ring came off and landed on the roof below. I could see the ring. I only had to go and get a ladder and I could have it on my finger again.

I felt like I needed to get permission from the Manager to get on the roof.
That was just an excuse.

I felt like it was ok as I could see it every morning and it was only a matter of time that I would go and get it… when I had time.
That was just an excuse.

5 days days later I woke up and looked out on the Balcony to see the roof had been completely cleaned.

I was completely hysterical.

I sprinted down to the Manager who confirmed the Owner had cleaned the roof last night and the rubbish had been put in the huge bins outside.

I found the Owner and in my limited Spanish tried to ask him if he’d seen a gold ring and communicate just how important it was to me.

He shook his head.

I was a complete utter mess.

I was so so so angry at myself for not taking action.
So unbelievably angry at myself.

I spent hours going through the big commercial rubbish bin on the corner of the busy street through the disgusting rubbish.
Ibiza is one of the biggest party Islands in the World and here I was a blubbering, angry mess bent over a huge rubbish bin pulling out dirty, smelling rubbish.
Not one person asked me what I was doing.

I bet they were too terrified.

I didn’t find it.

I tried so hard to rub it off saying it was just a ring.
That it really didn’t matter.

But I kept coming back to it being my dead Father’s Wedding ring.
It was irreplaceable.

So I made myself a promise.

I told myself that I would never ever put anything off again.

That if I had a chance to do something that I would do it now and then.
I wouldn’t wait ‘until the time is right’
I wouldn’t wait ‘until I felt like it’ or ‘until it suited’
I wouldn’t put other people ahead of my own needs and I would ask for help when I needed it.

I would be a woman of action.

Because you just never ever know what will happen.
You can never guarantee you will get another chance.

So last night i put off something off and this morning I really regretted my decision.
(It wasn’t big or life changing but it did make me remember my promise to myself.)

I really believe that everything that happens is the best possible thing that can happen.

Sometimes the learnings can be challenging to find.

But they will ALWAYS be there.

So what have you put off today to do tomorrow?

What have you always wanted to do but just haven’t got around to it?

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.
Learn from the past.
Plan for the future.
Live in today.
Now is the only time you have.
Make it count.

By andreapeebles

The day/night/day that was, the one and only, ‘HurtCamp!’

So the weekend started 3am Sat.
I took a taxi, plane, & car ride to Central Coast, met the awesome Search4hurt crew #search4hurt and 11 other inspiring athletes.

All of us crazy 12 HurtCampees

All of us crazy 12 HurtCampees

From 8pm I was putting my body through a challenging and gruelling 13hr workout #hurtcamp

(and it wasn’t until 36 1/2 hours later did i get an hours sleep, and wasn’t until 10pm Sunday did I get to jump into bed!)

Yes Hurt Camp was hard.

But above all else it was fun and exhilarating- just the way I expected 😉

I felt in my element.

My body was unreal and did exactly what I wanted, and my mind stayed strong, positive and sharp, just how I’d planned.

I had prepared my body and mind so well, I almost feel stupid staying it wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve done.

But to be honest it wasn’t.

And that’s not to say it wasn’t super challenging, it really really was, but I knew it would be and I was 100% prepared physically, mentally and emotionally
(although there were some skill sets I didn’t have which frustrated me immensely haha)

It’s not untiI I’m up against incredible athletes do I then realise what an incredible body I have, and how awesome my training is (has been), and how well my body responds to the constant pressure I put on it.

Again, it’s that constant feeling I have that I’m never good enough, that I have to keep pushing myself to reach the next level (however always underestimating the level that I am currently at.)

Yesterday I competed with and against 11 amazing athletes that all had an unrelenting desire to push their bodies to the extreme.
We all had different strengths, skills and abilities and there were some people I was in absolute awe of. They certainly gave me another level in which to aim at and I feel so so privileged to have been surrounded by such high class athletes.
I certainly was proud of my efforts, and those of you that know or train with me know that I’m never usually proud of my efforts.

In fact just writing this makes me so tearful.

I know how important it is to be happy in the present moment, to love yourself and the gifts you have (and everyone has gifts. They may not be right where they want to be right now, but one of the secrets to becoming who you want to be and living the life you want, is to be grateful and appreciate the divine gifts you have, and of those around you.)

As you have probably heard me say again and again, the body truly goes where my mind wants it to.
My mind was prepared that whatever Matt Murphy threw at us at HurtCamp.
Not only was I prepared but I had an bright, beaming attitude of ‘bring it on!’
There was never a sense of dread or thinking ‘I don’t think I can do this!’ (and if it that ever crossed my mind, I immediately replaced my thoughts with “let’s do this!’

Peebles all the way!

Peebles all the way!

They kept asking us how we were feeling, and me the broken record would always reply ‘great!’

And no I wasn’t lying, or trying to sound like ‘the man!’ but I really was feeling great.

Yes sure my body hurt and I had to adapt, modify and problem solve to sort out some issues, and some tasks were painful and very challenging, but did that mean I wasn’t feeling great?
Hell no!

In all seriousness I enjoyed every moment.

Even when times were bleak, I had the opportunity to learn from it, to work out ways to try and lift my mood and to help me get back into that place where I feel that anything is possible.

And yes I am absolutely blessed that I do have this quite amazing skill and ability that when times should be tough I am the complete opposite, I’m a complete 180 degree turn, and I spread my energy, passion and excitement to everyone (who will listen really!)

I think this is where people (quite endearingly – I hope!) call me crazy, and do wonder what on earth I am on.

I chatter away, laughing, joking and get so excited in the moment, where I am and what I’m doing, but with total disregard to my physical state.

I know people say your true self comes out when you’re in your most darkest moments.
If my true self is a bubbly, fun, witty, energetic, passionate person who loves spreading joy and infecting people with her passion; then I can (should) be very happy with who I am.
(To write this and to actually believe it though is a whole other level. But one I’m working on 🙂

So this is it (in terms of what i can tell you.)

It’s only the start of my journey! 😉

What happened at HurtCamp stays at HurtCamp (until the episodes are aired June 2014.)

So my lips are sealed.

Hurt Camp: On the insideSo a word on my physical state now, some 20 hours after leaving Hurt Camp….

My body feels unreal.

Not only can I walk up and down stairs freely, get on and off the toilet, and put my bra on with ease (these are the dipsticks to assess how broken the body is!) but I don’t feel restricted at all!

(Ok so my abdominals feel a little tender, and touching my toes could be a bit of a push, and my neck could do with a gentle rub; but that is all!!!)

In June this year I ran 52km and the following day after camping run approx 63km, and I could barely walk when I woke up.

I was expecting a similar state (well actually I was expecting worse) but so far my body has completely knocked that right over!
(Quite possibly it may have forgotten what happened to it?! 😉

So all in all I am so so excited and proud of myself.

It’s a bit of a waiting game to see if I will become one of the next stars on Search4Hurt but whatever happens, the journey has only just begun!

There’s a huge wide world out there with so much adventure, excitement, and challenge, it both excites and inspires me.

Here’s to an amazing future ahead!!

Thank you so much for sharing in my journey.
It has been an amazing month, which ended with an incredible weekend at HurtCamp.
It’s been my absolute pleasure to have you along for the ride!!

Much love xx

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Today is the day!!!!!!

So it’s here.

The day has arrived!!!

I’m currently writing this whilst flying above Brisbane heading to Newcastle. I’m feeling so alive, so centred but incredibly passionate and positive.

I woke at 3am to get to the airport and have only had 3hours sleep.
I’ve left my drink bottle in the terminal, and my coat hangers of clothes (on separate occasions) in the terminal and have had to go on a hunt to find them.
I also was called on the PA and was the last passenger to board.
But these are very minor happenings to anyone that may know me ( and especially my record with flying mishaps and dramas.
I’m obviously giving out a good buzz to the universe and it’s coming back at me! 😉 – I do have my clothes, drink bottle and my sanity in tact! 😉

Although I just went to the bathroom on board (yes I know you don’t need or want to hear this, but since you know everything else…) and I very much look like someone that hasn’t had much sleep – where on earth did these eye bags come from?!
Hey who need to look their best when on tv pushing through their pain anyway aye?! 😉
So my monthly ‘friend’ decided they wanted to be part of the action too.
So it’s certainly all go here. Or should I say all go down there. Ewwwww.
Haha sorry guys!!!!! 😉

So I’m feeling really good.
In my mind that is – the most important place!

The body feels a wee bit achy but the body will go where the mind wants it to.

I know this for a fact.

This mind will go wherever hurt camps challenges take me, which means the body will follow!
And I will enjoy every second.

The main thing for me today (and tonight, and tomorrow!) is to have fun.
To feel fit, strong, sassy, sexy, smart, and be successful with everything I do- to feel proud Of myself and my actions by giving it my absolute best.
I cannot ask for more than my best.
And I will not be satisfied unless I give it my all.

To shine through and be the best possible version of myself that I can be is my mission.
But above all else, to act in a way that I inspire others to go after and achieve their dreams (just like I’m achieving mine!)

That really is my goal of hurt camp, of appearing on tv.

Is to be a positive role model of determination and passion, and to motivate and inspire others to go after what most excites them in life (no matter how scary) as that’s exactly why I’m doing 🙂

So before I go, I want to Thank you soooo much for your support and amazing kind words of encouragement and motivation.

I will make you guys proud.

I will make myself proud.

I cannot wait for fun camp (what they like to call hurt camp) to start!!!!!


By andreapeebles

Never being satisfied: The double edged sword

So I’ve found out I have this…. errrrr….. challenge with myself……

I’m never really happy with myself, my progress, my results, ok everything I do really.
I don’t think I’ve ever looked back on something and thought ‘Jez that was good!’ unless I push my need to be better out of my head (which rarely happens.)
There’s always something i can improve on and do differently.
Which is great as I’m always striving to be better in my life, but which severely limits me, and stops me appreciating what I have, what I can do, and my enjoyment of it all.
– It’s like I’m living up to what was written on my old school report cards
“Andrea could do better”

But which translates in my head as ‘what you do is never good enough.’

Wow! A freaky insight to have about yourself.

I don’t think I’ve ever handed in an assignment, or to be honest written anything without then going over and over in my head about what could’ve been better. I mean even writing this, by the time I’ve pressed send I’ve gone over it again and again, and then when I re-read it a few days later, I think ‘What did you write that for Andrea!’ ‘Oh man! You should’ve….could’ve…..etc etc’
Holy sh*t balls! I’m so mean on myself!

When I’m training, I put myself down and always focus on what I struggled with, what I couldn’t do super well.
When I’m training with Sharon Anyos (5x World Champion Boxer) and we’re boxing, when she reminds me to ‘sit down’ ‘breathe’ ‘punch through the pads not to them’ etc I feel like ‘Jez Andrea! Get it right!’ ‘Sort it out girl!’ but in reality she should be reminding me! Everyone can ALWAYS improve, and always get better, and they should always try to, but it’s like in my brain it computes to ‘I’m not good enough.’
Sharon does well to remind me of this but it’s inside my head where I really need to work on. When I finish a set and say ‘I only got 5’ I really should be saying ‘I got 5!!!’

I know this.

I know that when you focus on what you can’t do, how weak, fat, lazy etc you think you are, then you ail get more of that in your life.

I know this.

Yet I do find this a challenge.

Over the past week I’ve been checking out my body (in particular my mid section) and trying to find out why I’m not more ripped than I should be.
Yes I’ve got abs, but they’re not like abs I’ve had in the past, and I’ve been training hard and eating well, so am trying to figure out what’s been going on.
So I thought about the times that I’ve had a body I’ve felt proud of and I really pulled apart both my nutrition, training and what was going on in my life.

So I feel like I’m really on track with my eating.
I’m choosing real food, as close to nature intended as possible (In fact I pretty much just shop at the local fruit and veggie store (which i can also get my bread from) and occasionally at the Butcher. Or if I do go to the Supermarket, I pretty much walk around the outside, and nothing comes prepackaged in a box (unless I’ve bought legumes, pasta, rice and tuna – but which I rarely touch anyway!)
My training has been going well.
I always train hard.
I always have.
I know people poo poo the notion of training hard, as everyone says they do this. But when i look back on the times when I’ve been quite serious about my training and competing, I’ve noticed that every single time, I’ve only been training with guys.
Guys stronger, faster and fitter than me.

When i was 17 I became a Les Mills Aerobics Instructor.
I was aerobics training with Duane but also I would run to the gym with Chris Pollock. (Chris is currently an elite World Class Rugby Union Referee.) Although it was only a 4km run, which was fine going to the gym, after strength training and doing a class, some 2 hours later, running back uphill (and at the super fast speed Chris only ran at) it was most definitely challenging! (in fact some times I felt like I needed a medal afterwards!) Chris absolutely drove me to push through my pain and get there (and he may not even be aware of this until now – so thank you Chris you super star! 🙂

At that time I was also training hard for the NZ Surf Life Saving Championships. My event was the Surf Ski (which only a handful of women entered in) and required strong upper body strength, balance, co-ordination, but also brutal strength just to carry the ski to and from the waters edge (especially if it was windy, and especially after a hard session, there was just no other way, it had to be done.) And like my hard and wise Coach Trevor Corkin (amazing man) said ‘If you want to ride it you have to carry it!”
*Many times it took me almost the same time of the training session to carry and put away my ski afterwards, my forearms so pumped and weak, and the bruises from resting the Ski on my hips aching, not to mention the strong and relentless wind which carried my cursing far into the distance.
So my training partners were guys.
I trained in the gym with them, ran with them and paddled with them.
I never saw myself as different from them, and never pulled out the “I’m a woman card’ as that thought never entered my mind.
I ran the same, paddled the same, tried to lift the same, and was constantly in an environment where I was pushed to my limits.
(In fact years later 2 of my running buddies Hayden and Sam told me they used to always push the runs so hard as to try and shut me up!!)

During lunchtimes at work I used to get out and run with the guys.
Again, I never used to think much of this, training with people that were faster and stronger than me was just what I was used to.

The other times I trained seriously for events, I did so by myself.
But because I always was never quite satisfied with my efforts, I always trained hard and pushed myself (but then under played my what I did.)
This happened when I competed in the NZ Coast to Coast.
My plan was to just finish the 280km course however when I was out there racing I (naturally) gave it my all. This meant that to start my support team was often not ready for me (they didn’t expect to see me doing so well – and this was because I gave them no indication that I would be – as I had no idea I’d actually done pretty well with my training.)
I remember getting off my bike after the cycle leg and standing there trying to find my support team, as all the other competitors got rushed off. I then spotted my father and the look on his face was utterly priceless “We didn’t expect to see you so soon! What on earth were you doing out there? He cried.
I shrugged and answered ‘I just rode my bike’ quite perplexed .
I also wondered why the other competitors weren’t as willing as I was to chat away when on the course, as I was actually up there and competing with some serious athletes! In my mind was just going along and enjoying the ride. I had no idea that I was actually quite good!

So trying to understand what was different in my life when I was looking my best….

So I’ve always felt like I could and should do more, but I’ve constantly felt like this almost my whole life, so nothing really has changed (I’m not saying it’s a good thing here, in fact it has both positive and negative attributes; but it’s purely just an observation.)

But what I found is when I was looking really good, it really came easily.

I wasn’t trying (although of course I was eating well and training hard) but it wasn’t the focus of my life.
I was simply happy with who I was and what I was doing, and it was like the body the had permission to be comfortable with itself, and it looked awesome!

I remember waking up and thinking “wow I have an awesome life!’ Feeling super confident, and  sexy in my own skin, and not caring about what other people thought of me because I was super happy with me. What an awesome place to be right!

However if I want to feel like this (and who doesn’t want to?!) then I need to take the focus onto what I can do, how well I am doing, how great I look, how awesome I feel etc.

And even if I’m not where I want to be right now, then to know that I’ll get there, but the way to get there (and enjoy the ride) is to be happy right now.

To appreciate your fabulous body, and be grateful for what you have in your life (as being grateful for it, will bring in more opportunities that you can feel grateful – it’s that weird and oh so wonderful cycle!)

I always thought serious athletes seemed quite errr, over confident, even arrogant. But nooooo! They’re on the money! And that is why they are a successful athlete!
You NEED to have belief in yourself. You need to focus on how strong, fit, capable and motivated you are.
You need to wake up in the morning and look at yourself and think ‘Jez I’m a sexy/strong/sucessful/smart/ unit!
Because if you don’t, then how on earth can you expect yourself to succeed??!
You could say it’s about loving yourself and being kind to yourself. And when you do, then things will start to fall into place for you in your life.

The battle is not only won when you believe in yourself, but when you also value and cherish yourself too!

So 2 1/2 more days to go until I rock up (and I certainly will be rocking up!) to my Search4Hurt Audition!

The focus on the next few days is about working on my mind.
Appreciating and being grateful for my amazing body (who has never ever give me an injury or ever let me down) and focusing on what I can do and how awesome I am.
Yes of course still being humble, but just taking the focus off what i am not, and looking at what I am (being what I positively am, and can do.)

Maybe you can try this too?

When you feel yourself thinking about what you can’t do, what you (negatively) are, then stop and focus on something you love about yourself.
Focusing more on this will bring you more of that into your life.

So let’s bring more opportunities into our lives that confirm what gorgeous, strong, capable, independent, motivated and powerful beings we truly are!!!!!

Be before you are and you will become! 🙂

By andreapeebles

I caught myself out! : The power of the mind

So whilst watching2 episodes of Search4Hurt on 7mate, I was feeling so awesome, inspired, calm and really happy.

Then my brain took over and I found myself thinking
‘OMG Andrea, you can’t do these things!
You haven’t trained hard enough. You’re not strong enough!
These are world class athletes you’ll be training with. Who are you to think you can do this?!’

I contacted Sharon Anyos in my flutter. Sharon is the 5x World Champion Boxer (incredible woman) and we have been training together.
I told her how my training has been all wrong, and how I should’ve done this and that.
Sharon simply told me how spectacular I am, especially under pressure, and reminded me of a few things.

Then I woke up to what my brain was doing to me!

I have been training with and by Sharon and her amazing father (who was her trainer when she won the World Championships.)
And here I was worried that I would look stupid among world class athletes – but have been sooooo fortunate to actually be hanging out with one now!!

Yes maybe some of the guys at Hurt Camp may be much stronger and faster than me, but I will definitely be a strong force, BECAUSE I WANT TO BE (and because I know how strong the mind is over the body.) And because I’m seeking to be a better and stronger version of myself (in all aspects of my life) daily. And if I’m not there yet, then I will get there. It’s only a matter of when not if!

Our thoughts are such strong influencers over our bodies it both scares and excites me.

It also makes me realise how important it is to have a strong network of people around you to lift you up.
Or if not, then separate yourself from people that bring you down (or don’t actively inspire and support you to reach your goals) and read books, watch YouTube videos – you can get whatever you want or need from the internet! Educate and nourish your body with inspiring goodness from the inside!) and surround yourself with the positive influence you need to help you to succeed.

Don’t let your mind negatively take over and stop you reaching your goals.

You can reprogram it to be a powerful force to hep you to achieve whatever it is you want in life.

The body will go where the mind wants it to.

Let’s make sure our mind is strong, positive, powerful and wise, and you will achieve your dreams.



By andreapeebles

Feeling strong, super fit, and sexy…that is, when I allow myself to feel that way ;)

So people have been asking me about my training, and it has been going well.

Terrific in fact.

The body is adoring the work I’m giving it, and my fitness has gone through the roof.
Every week I’m making massive progress, and it keeps startling me, and I mean startling me!

I’ve always been pretty fit, and I’ve always been good at pushing myself and working hard, but my fitness has massively improved in such a short period of time, it’s actually quite amazing.

Just tonight I went out mountain bike riding with Trevor Mullens (who I hadn’t ridden with in over 2 weeks.) I was feeling like I must’ve been slowing him down, and felt like I wasn’t going very hard (especially compared to last time we rode together – I was pushing HARD the whole time!)
Trevor couldn’t stop telling me how well I was riding and that I had improved so much (we rode a lot of single track, and around some good hills
– Trevor has a ‘Go F**ken HAAARD!’ mentality on all the hills “Need to train hard in training so you thank yourself when you’re racing’ 😉 -which is pretty awesome !
He said he wasn’t slowing down for me at all.


So the reason why I felt like I wasn’t going hard enough was because my cardio vascular fitness had improved so much, my body had adapted and although I was going much harder and faster than 2 weeks prior, it felt easy – MASSIVE WIN!

But what was interesting to me (well actually not that much of a surprise) was that I didn’t feel like I’d improved, didn’t feel I should be proud – this is a constant issue of mine as I never really feel happy with myself, I’m always wanting more, pushing for more, and have a difficult time in appreciating myself  and feeling good about who I am and what I’ve done.

Whatever I’ve done I’m always looking at how it could be better, what could I do differently next time, what else I could do etc. Which of course is great for never ending self improvement and self development, but not so good in helping yourself feel good about who you are and who you are becoming (which is one of the secrets to getting what you want in life!)
And yes, i am working on it 🙂

We all need to feel good about who we are and who we are becoming.

Waking up in the morning and saying to yourself “I’m tired’ “Man I’m fat’ ‘Jez I slept through my alarm! I’m soooooo useless!’ ‘Argggh I hate my hair, I look dreadful!’ well I can guarantee that you will feel that exact way.
(or any other words you say to yourself)

And in fact the Universe actually thinks that’s how you want to feel, and will happily give you more and more situations or events that continue to reinforce this to you.

So the solution?

Change your thinking!

Change what crap goes into and out from your body (ok now I’m hitting on ensuring you fuel yourself with nutritious real foods and hydrate too 🙂

But change your thinking and you literally change your world!

NO you don’t need to lose 5-10kg before you’ll be happy.
Don’t need to get a promotion, get out of debt, buy a house, find a partner, paint your lounge etc,

Sure, there’s no denying you may NEED to do those things, but you’re more likely to do it if you focus on what you want (as opposed to what you don’t want) and if you immediately feel happy or good about where you are now.

-By  focusing on what you want I mean instead of saying I want to find a partner who doesn’t cheat on me, isn’t fat, and doesn’t spend their day watching TV, doesn’t smoke, has no baggage
(which just the fact you focus on that, you WILL get that in your life!
It’s the Law of Attraction. You get what you think about most of the time.
However if you focus on what you want e.g. A smart, witty, driven partner who is loving, caring and pushes and supports me in my drive to be a better person.
Then that’s what you’ll get!

Now doing this isn’t easy.

Most of us have ingrained negative patterns of thinking, and you aren’t even aware of the utter negative crap you’re fuelling yourself with every single second.

But being aware of it is the first process to change right?


So I have what’s kinda like a dream book, but it’s a book where I’ve written my dreams, goals and aspirations, and the ideal me- the words I use to describe the person I’m becoming.
I try to look at these as often as I can, to remind me and keep me focused on the positive, and what I’m aiming for.

And it works amazingly so.

If I don’t feel like doing something, or I wake up and do feel tired, and down about my accomplishments so far, I have a quick read and it instantly changes my feelings.

It helps me put on my running shoes and sprint out the door.
If I’m reading about a driven, determind, super fit, strong and  inspiring woman, how can I not do something that will positively make me feel that way?
My using this simple technique I am  pretty much guaranteed to become the person I want to be! Wohooo!

Sure it’s tough, and my negative thoughts constantly creep in and sit on my shoulder unannounced and uninvited, but I’m learning to recognise them, or keep them away by reading and referring to my little book.

Maybe this is something you could try to?

It’s such fun to write, and it makes me feel so good reading it (and the opportunities that have presented to myself since doing this literally blows my mind!)

But I’m too far in debt, I’m too lazy, I’m too unfit, I’m too unmotivated to do such a thing, I hear you cry.
Then what on earth have you got to lose???!

Focus on what you want to be, who you want to become.

And be nice to yourself in the process.

Yes you may not be there yet, but you are on your way, you are working towards a more positive future, and you are amazing for giving it a go.

But remember, it’s really, really, really hard not to achieve your goals if you don’t give up.

So just make the decision not to give up!

The only thing separating you between where you are now and where you want to be, is your mind.
Noooooo not the fact that you don’t have money or time, or motivation, or that you have kids, or don’t have parents, or don’t have legs….. it’s your mind!

So go on get writing.

Don’t restrict yourself.

What is the ideal you like?

What is your ideal life like?

Write it down and look at it every day.
Multiple times throughout the day even.

Trust me, it will positively change your life.

I believe in you 🙂


Grow flowers or weeds

So you wanted to know about my actual training….so here it is!

Session with Sharon Anyos
Warm up:15lunges, 20 jumping jacks, 20 Climbers x3
Circuit (repeated twice):
{2x DB row with 2x step lunges}x 15 reps (@16kg &@12.5kg)
2mins hard running on treadmill (not turned on, manually using it)
Walking press ups x20
2mins hard run pushing treadmill
20 Burpees/20 squat wall throws
2mins hard run pushing treadmill
{2x press ups on Barbell with 2x Barbell row (@32kg)
2mins hard run, pushing treadmill

90min MOuntain Bike ride

Strength session
– Squats 90kg
– Deadlift 80kg
– Cable row 50kg
– Chin ups
-Chest press 55kg
-Press ups

Road ride

Hard run
Kangaroo Point Stairs x 10 hard


Intensity Training
30 Jumping Jacks, 5 Burpees, 20 Climbers – on the minute, every minute x 15mins


By andreapeebles

It’s all in the mind

So I’ve been really struggling to write this over the past few days. It feels like a year has passed since I last wrote (that’s how much stuff has gone on, so I am finding it hard to decide what to tell you!)

So I’ve really felt a shift in my thinking.
Last time I told you I’d been struggling, and last week a few things happened that could’ve been quite disastrous, however I really believe because I made the decision NOT to let them affect me, they didn’t eventuate into big issues.

So my diet’s been consisting of food from the ground or from an animal, and as close to nature as possible.
However, I had a ‘What the hell am I doing? I’m not fit enough, strong enough, good enough for TV!!’ moment which had me munching on hard lollies
(whoops! weak moment! I did change my thinking around, but it wasn’t until the damage had already been done.)

So I chomped on something really hard.
That hard bit was my back tooth.
I swallowed it.

Isn’t it interesting how the Universe has a way of kicking you in the butt. My punishment was that I snapped off and then swallowed my tooth.
I obviously needed an arse kicking.
Thanks Universe!

So I put off finding a Dentist.
My thinking was if I was going to Hurt Camp, then surely I could put up with a snapped off tooth. But the reality wasI was being a cheapskate.
We all know how much pain (both physical and financial) it can be to get work done on our porcelain pearlers.
My focus was on setting up my business not fixing something which should never have happened.

Anyway I got over it.

I concentrated on feeling good.

I told myself ‘there’s a reason why this happened’ and I was quite intrigued to see what good would come from this.

I was out running in the sunshine (feeling really good) and I ran past a Dentist.
I booked an appointment, but I chose not to think about the ‘worst case scenario’ that the Dental Assistant told me about.
haha to be honest I actually thought the Dentist was surely going to be a bit of a spunk.

Turns out I was right!

He was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, made me feel amazing, and was pretty adorable really (and he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Yes I looked ok 😉
Turns out my tooth only cost me a few hundreds dollars to fix too. Massive bonus!

A few weeks ago we had a storm.
It was my first real storm since arriving in Australia.
I had my windows open in my bedroom (as you do) but the storm brought sideways rain.
It completely soaked my bed AND my 3 month old MacBook Pro.
Yeah not ideal.

Last week the laptop acted like it was possessed and I thought the water damage must have caught up with it.
Anyway to cut a long story short, it could’ve (and really should’ve) been an expensive exercise.
I focused on staying positive and feeling good.
Apple didn’t find water damage and they fixed my MacBook beauty.

I was in utter shock.

Last week I found myself driving down the wrong side of a busy one way road in my stress to make my business mentoring meeting.
Now that could’ve been disastrous (but turns out there was a lull in the traffic.)
Yet again, I was lucky.

Rushing to make it to work on time I parked my car 4km from work, took my bike out, and cycled into town from there.
I was in such a rush I left my Ute (my gorgeous, spunky, H.O.T Ute – yes I do really love my car! 😉 unlocked.
When I finished work at 1am, it was still there.
Yet again, I was lucky.

Luck is a funny thing.

I personally believe there’s no such thing as ‘luck.’

Being lucky or unlucky is  just an outward expression of what you are thinking, what you have created in your life.
Where you are in your life right now is the result of the choices you have made
(which is in direct relation to your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.)

If you don’t like what you’re doing, who you hang around with, how much you earn, how your life is; you have created it.
Yes YOU.

Yeah i hear you saying ‘But I’m a product of my experiences!‘
‘It’s not my fault my parents couldn’t afford to send me to Uni and now I have a crap paying job’ . . .
‘I didn’t choose to have a boyfriend that abused me!’ . . .
‘I not smart enough’
‘I’m just big boned’
‘But I have kids, I can’t….’

So why is it people can have the same thing happen to them, but respond in different ways ?
For example you’ve heard of people that have lost the use of their legs in a car accident, and they go on to do and achieve amazing feats, saying that the car accident was the best thing that could’ve happened to them; but then someone else could believe that their life is over.
The same experience, yet how people CHOSE to respond to the situation gave them a different outcome.

So you have created everything in your life right now.

But that’s the exciting thing!

You also have the power to change whatever you want in your life!!

Yes you!

Regardless of what has happened to you. You have the power to change your life.

You truly can decide which path of life you wish to take, you can set your sail and get to wherever it is you want to go.

Yes even if you are:
Too fat

Too stupid

Too old

Too lazy

Too poor

Too quiet

Too impatient

Too time poor

Too tired

Not adventurous enough

Not motivated enough

Not skilled enough

Not confident enough

(The fact that you see yourself as any of those things, means you’re actually creating more opportunities for the Universe to prove you’re right – so if you’re telling yourself you’re too (fat, old, poor etc) so you will continue to be that way!!
– I’ll save this discussion for another time 😉

So why don’t you start by creating our own ‘luck’?

You can choose how you respond to situations that happen to you.
And yes EVEN if someone smashes into your car and you don’t have insurance, you can always decide how you respond.
Like attracts like, so the more negative feelings and thoughts you have, the more negative things you will attract into you life.

If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life.

It’s that simple!

No complaining about it, no excuses, no ifs, buts or maybes.
Take responsibility for how things are in your life right now, but then make a decision to change them.
You can!
I know you can!!

Till next time friends 🙂


By andreapeebles

Getting to the cause of the concern

So the past 5 days I’ve found myself feeling rather flat.
It’s just a feeling I’ve had and I really doubt anyone else could tell
(actually this would be interesting to find out.)

It wasn’t until yesterday when these feelings appeared to *manifest itself in my life when I realised I actually to get to the bottom of it.

*So I’ve had lots of problems arriving on time for my new job. 
I got a job working in an awesome bar overlooking the river in Central Brisbane –  it’s my way of being part of the fun, but obviously I’m working so I’m getting paid, which also comes in handy financing my business needs ;)
However if I told you the stories of what happened you probably wouldn’t believe me (that is unless you know me well, and then you’d just sigh and say ‘It would only happen to Andrea!’ However when I decided to bike to work and got not 1 but 2 punctures on my 3rd day being VERY late for work, that I had a bit of a reassessment.

**It may sound weird but internal problems in my life manifest itself as problems with my bike. The last time this was terribly bad, was when I was in London and my Visa was up. I so badly wanted to stay in London however I had NO idea how I was going to make this happen. The deadline was dooming near and I found myself in a real frazzle knowing that the life I loved was going to end and I had no control over it what so ever. Even bike mechanics were puzzled why I was having soooooo many problems. It was just the Universe reflecting back to me the turmoil that was going on inside of me.

So yesterday, I reflected on what was going on in my life and reassessed my values (what’s important to me) and how they were stacking up in my life.

What I found was my value of having direction, clear purpose and goals was not being lived.

Yes sure in 3 weeks time I will line up to take on a 24hour challenge for the Search4Hurt Audition (and yes I am currently working on my business goals) but there is a huge cloud of unknowingness surrounding 2014.

If I do get onto Search4Hurt, this will mean every month I’m traveling around Australia and New Zealand (and quite possible around the world – I sooooo hope so!) completing crazy Adventures (OMG my heart rate just jumped 30 beats! So exciting! 😉 but if not, then I’m free to plan my own Adventures (which will be just as equally exciting.)

I think this unknowingness was wrecking havoc with my desires, and it was severely impacting on my day to day life.

So I decided I needed to take control.

I know that simply setting a goal to be on Search4Hurt and saying positive affirmations and constantly reminding myself of my Search4Hurt goal was not the right way to go about it.

In fact, I know that Search4Hurt is not my actual goal.

My goal (this is the short version for you) is to live a fulfilling, exciting successful life full of adventure, achievement and happiness and to be a role model of determination and positivity and to inspire, motivate and coach people to take control of their lives, and go after what truly excites them and ultimately achieve success in their lives (just like I’m achieving mine.)
Yes in 3 weeks time I will attend an Audition for Search4Hurt, and my goal for that is to present as the best possible version of myself that i can be.
If I am not what the producers are looking for, then that’s fine as I know I will achieve my goal (above) and it will be evidence that Search4Hurt at that time is obviously not what is needed in my life.

Please don’t think that I am saying this to soften the blow if I don’t get in.

It’s not like that at all.

The thought of being on Search4Hurt excites me no end.

The power of pushing through what you didn’t think possible and the positive impact it has on your body, your mind and your life, is what I’m all about, and through Search4Hurt I know I can demonstrate this the world.
But it’s my way of taking back control in order for me to feel balanced, and to feel inspired, happy and motivated when i wake up in the morning, and throughout the day.

Don’t we all want to feel like that?

I know I want my body to scream inspiration, happiness and motivation every single day! 🙂

So I reassessed my values. 

I thought back to the times in my life when I felt soooo happy and what was present in my life.
– I need to have adventure, challenge (mentally and physically), direction and goals, exploration through the outdoors/nature, fun, and close connection with people in order for my life to be successful.

These are my top 6 values.

But it also wasn’t until I left work at 1am, jumped on my bike and heard the sound of pumping electro as I put my ear phones in and listened to my self improvement audio that I also felt an unbalance.

Music inspires, rejuvenates and invigorates me.
I’m a dancing queen!
I LOVE upbeat music.
I love being around other people that also love music.

One of my most rewarding times of my life was when I was living in Ibiza, and every night was a celebration of the best music artists in the world. 
I was surrounded by amazing, positive and energized people wanting to create amazing memories, and I met and became friends with many incredible people, and have so many amazing memories of that place.
(I also got to explore by mountain bike the amazing island, and had many challenging adventures, which also added to my love of my life at that time.)

My soul craves the energy and excitement that I get from music.
And it hasn’t been present in my life.

Yes sure I’ve been listening to music when I’m working out with Sharon Anyos (5x World Champion Boxer!!) who is my amazing Exercise, Health and Lifestyle Professional who challenges and inspires me to work hard and be more (I’ll tell you more about my work with her another time.)
But my focus is on working hard, and to be honest I barely notice the music.

I’m talking about being in the moment with the music.
Being present in the now.
Not thinking about what I’ve got to do, how my day has gone, or worrying about the future.
I’m talking about soaking in the present moment, the moment that once you concentrate on it, it’s gone.
You will never ever have another moment like again.
And being present in the now is a vital ingredient of being happy.

So last night I put on some funky beats whilst I cooked dinner, and I found myself dancing around the kitchen.

Man I felt good.

*I actually learnt this off my dear friend Petterson. 
I used to laugh at him when he turned music on, shut his eyes and danced around his bedroom.
He was on to a good thing.
He didn’t need to wait until he was at a gig or out at a bar on the weekend, he danced because it made him happy. And he was (and still is) a positive, upbeat and incredible person to be around.

So this morning I woke up feeling really good.
I actually looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked really good (without make up.)
It’s like my inner beauty is shining through.
It’s a really nice feeling to think you look beautiful.
It’s like an amazing fuel for the soul.

So I’m looking after myself from the inside (my diet consists of lots of fruit and vegies and food as close to as nature intended – from the ground – or from an animal.)
However I did eat a few hard lollies the other day, and I was punished by my whole back tooth breaking off!
The Universes way of giving me a hard slap on the bum!! 😉

So now I feel back on track.

My life feels more aligned with my values .
I know what I need to do in order to feel happy – if I make decisions in my life based on my values, then I know this will bring me peace and happiness (or more excitement, inspiration, energy and fun – what I want!)

So I’m belting out loud tunes whilst i’m writing this, and in a minute I’m going to strap on my running shoes and listen to an Audio whilst I pave the streets (I also need inspiration and education, and I get that from listening to people that have what i want.)
It’s a juggling act.
An exciting juggling act.

However it’s not hard once you know how.

Do you know your top values?
Do you know what’s important to you in your life?

Once you know what they are, following your life path becomes easy.

I urge you to sit down and have a few think of what (exactly) is important to you.
To you.
Not what other people think you should value.
Not what you think should be important.

Have a think what really is required in your life for you to feel successful, to feel alive, to feel passionate about your life.

I reckon the first step to getting what you want in life is to know exactly who you are and what you want.

Then the rest will take care of itself.

Do what makes you feel happy, and success will follow.

Until next time my friends!!!

By andreapeebles

Opportunities are all around us, and there for the taking (if you dare)

It’s incredible the speed things happen when you are clear about what you want in life (however open to how they present themselves.)

So in a whirlwind of action (just the way I like it! 😉 I found myself a fantastic place to live, an amazing studio to run my business from an invitation/introduction into the Adventure Racing community, and support and connection with like minded Fitness Professionals, and an invitation to Search4Hurt’s Hurt Camp.

And it seemed to spring from four things things…

First of all:

1. Knowing what I want
I identified what my life would look like if it was ideal, what I would be doing, who I would be with, and how I would feel (this wasn’t easy, and required a lot of thought and deliberation) and I wrote it down (there’s something powerful in writing on paper your goals.)

2. Believing I could have it
I must say I still find this a challenge however I work on smashing my limiting beliefs daily.
There simply is no point identifying goals, saying positive affirmations, or even being so determined to achieve your goals if you simply don’t believe you can actually have it. It won’t happen.
As Napoleon Hill put “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Just wanting something is not enough, you need to believe it can really come true.

However having identified these, I was almost too scared to leave the house (haha crazy aye!) as I knew through the Law of Attraction what I wanted in my life would come in fast and furiously, and I kinda felt like I wasn’t ready for it yet – again proving I was struggling  with actually believe in myself…

So I found if I really wanted my ideal life to manifest I then needed to do 2 things:

1. Say yes (Be open to ideas, suggestions and invitations; and then agree to do it) or actually ask for help.
I contacted MAX International College for Fitness Professionals  in Brisbane (I had trained in their college in Auckland), various Business mentoring/support groups, and the Adventure Racing community, but I needed to commit, take people up on their invitations and get myself involved (even at the time if it wasn’t exactly what I thought I needed – how do I really know what’s best for me?)
Asking to be involved, and saying yes to invitations/opportunities was required to start my life to roll..

2. Getting out there and actually doing it (actioning what you said yes to.)
It may sound simple, but it’s so easy to say you’ll do something, and it’s quite another to actually do it.
Living an awesome life is an act of doing, which requires action, which means smashing through all the excuses and all the valid reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t, and then doing it anyway.
Actually opening a door that presents itself to you and having a look inside, not imagining what it would be like or waiting for the right time, just as Nike say ‘Just do it!’

So I went out there and I met people, I trained with them, I moved out of my old house, I facilitated relationships, I put my Search4Hurt video together – I actioned what I said I would (and what would get me living my ideal life.)
*In life we are constantly presented with open doors; some wide open, some obscurely hidden, others which only lead to a single room (and require you to go back – however never without learnings) and yes some with tricky or imaginative unlocking systems; but they are always there, even when we can’t ‘see’ them.

**Broadly speaking, every function we perform subconsciously or consciously is controlled by the brain. The Reticular Activating System  (RAS) senses things around us and sorts them out. However it deals with thousands of information every second so it filters things out for us.
Have you ever noticed when you’ve decided to buy or have bought a car, and then suddenly, as by magic you notice the roads are full of this exact car – that’s your RAS in action! The cars were always there, you just weren’t paying attention to them!)
The same thing is true about opportunities, and options available to you (the open doors.)
They are always there, but it’s what you are focusing on, what you allow yourself to see….which is controlled by what you are thinking about.
As Earl Nightingale put so well ‘You become what you think about most of the time’ or ‘You get what you think about most of the time.’

What and how you think it a huge predictor of what happens to you in your life.
Your thoughts are reflected back to you like a mirror, and what happens to you (your life experiences) are always in align with what you are thinking.
For example telling yourself you can’t afford things, and if you’re constantly thinking about how you don’t have enough money; this is exactly what will manifest itself in your life – you WON’T have enough money and you WON’T be able to afford things.

Yes I know it sounds a wee bit crazy, but your thoughts hold a the key to unlocking what you want in your life.
Throughout the day I am constantly focusing on my thoughts (directed to what I want and believe I can have)  and this account over the past few weeks is a prime example of how this is actually happening in my life.

So back to my story…..

So I met with Trevor Mullens and it started a flurry of things to occur in my life.

What an amazing, generous, wise, full of energy and life character is Trevor!
He wonderfully invited me into his home, and introduced me to his family, his friends and the Adventure Racing community. I made sure I said ‘yes’ to his invitations to train and meet people (even though part of me was saying it was too far, too early, too long, and would be too hard etc. But I decided to shut up those petty concerns in my head by doing what they said i couldn’t do!)

A phone call one evening from Trevor had me lining up at the start of a 5hour Adventure Race the following day with the lovely Kymberly (replacing her injured Team Member.)
It required me to wake up at 4am, after getting home from work at 11pm, and collect a bike which had 2 flat tyres and then make my way to meet with Kym, who I’d never met before, and compete in an Adventure Race, which I haven’t done since 4 years ago.
But I was not going to say no! 🙂

The following weekend Trevor paired me up with Shane (a strong athlete) in a 3 hour Adventure Race, who pushed me hard and we ended up coming first in the Mixed Team…..and then part of me started to wake up to the fact I may not be as shit as I thought  I was*

*I find I massively over estimate others and under estimate myself. Constantly wanting to better and push myself, I’m pretty crap at acknowledging my abilities. I think also people also underestimate me.
They judge me by what I look like (and don’t think I’m as strong or as fit as I actually am.)
This has pretty much happened constantly in events or trainings I have taken part in in the past 8 or so years. Especially as I’ve always been one to make do with what I’ve got and don’t buy into looking the part.

I remember this happened recently when I took part on the Brisbane to Gold Coast 100km cycle. Riding in bunches quite comfortably at over 42km an hour, I got quite startled looks from the guys, and particularly when I over took them on the hills.
Come to think of it, I think I quite like this response, people saying ‘holy sh*t you’re doing well!’
It’s like they look at me with different eyes, with respect.
I like to prove people wrong, and I definitely don’t like to fit the ‘normal’ mold that’s for sure.
Stand out. Be big, be bold.
I think it’s the Leo in me that craves the centre stage   😉

So then the following weekend had me pairing up with sweetheart Nicole to take on the 12hour Dawn Attack Adventure Race.

That was 3 Adventure Races in 3 weeks.

And I loved it.

My top five values in my life are represented with what Adventure Racing is all about.
The fit and connection I have with the sport is unreal, and the past 3 weeks has made me feel even more alive, as I’ve found a sport that resonates so dearly with me.

I know this may sound very deep (and this next bit possibly a little stupid) but it’s kinda like I’ve found my ideal soul mate (in Adventure Racing), someone that can push me and support me to achieve my dreams in life.

Adventure Racing to me is full of excitement and challenge, it’s about braving the elements, getting back to nature and appreciating and immersing yourself in the outdoors.
It’s about believing in and trusting yourself, being bold and daring, taking risks, and problem solving.

To me it has the perfect balance of physical fitness and strength and your cognitive capacity to plan, comprehend, analyze and reason.

The cognitive requirements of the race are just as important as the physical; it’s just as important as how and what you think, as how fast you can run, cycle or paddle (or what other activity they may surprise you with.)

The notion of thinking on your feet couldn’t fit better with Adventure Racing.
It’s as much of a race against yourself, as it is with the allocated time or your fellow competitors.

It’s a race that is so many way mimics the trials and tribulations with life.

I believe it’s a sport that can teach us much about how to life a successful life…..
So I after my 12 hour Adventure Race on the weekend, I came up with a few things I believe Adventure Racing can teach us about life….

…Which I’ll share with you next time my friends 🙂

Until then, something to ponder…….
What would you love to be doing if money and time was no object?
What’s your ultimate passion in life?
What sort of life would you love to live?

No buts, ifs or maybes.
Just let your imagination flow (and capture these down on paper)

Have fun!! 🙂