Interview from Travel Play Live Magazine Mission to Re-Ignite Life

Not content to settle for average, Andrea Peebles certainly is on a mission to get the most out of life. We first heard of her when she agreed to take part in the Wildside Adventure Race with just 2 weeks notice. We caught up with her to find out more.
Who is Andrea Peebles? In 7 words or less describe yourself.

I’m a vibrant, strong, energetic, passionate, positive, determined go-getter!

We want to know all about you, your passion and purpose?

8 years ago I watched cancer invade my young father’s body and within 2 years kill him. It really made me query the meaning and purpose of my life and question how much I was really living. I turned into a woman on a mission. A mission to really experience life; to travel, to explore, to push myself and to make the most of every opportunity. During the past 3 years I’ve been on a mission to see what my body and mind are capable of, pushing my physical limits with adventures around the world. Achieving something that you didn’t think possible and going further than you ever imagined is an absolutely amazing experience and one that empowers you and teaches you so much about yourself.

A year ago I started up my business RE-IGNITE LIFE in Brisbane, a fitness and adventure training and life success consultancy to help people make positive change and achieve success in their lives. I’m truly passionate about helping people transform their bodies, minds and their lifestyles. I believe the magic of life exists outside your comfort zone and I confidently practice what I preach, pushing my body and mind to the limit in extreme Adventure and Endurance activities

How did you get involved in the epicness of a 5-day adventure like Wildside?

This year I was fortunate to be involved in the ESPN TV Series Search4Hurt. When the Search4Hurt team couldn’t race, with 2 weeks to go, the Director (who knew my love for Adventure Racing) asked if I wanted to race. Of course I had to say yes! So within 2 weeks I had to prepare and organise myself and find a teammate and head down to NSW for the start line of Wildside!
What 3 things can adventure teach you about yourself?

Adventure can help show you how you are truly an amazing individual that can achieve anything you want to in life.

Every one of us has dreams and ambitions although we spend a lot of time doubting ourselves, thinking we’re not good enough, smart enough, strong enough; and very few of us become who we could or want to be. To follow what we’re most passionate about and to succeed takes determination, perseverance, discipline, motivation and courage, and not many people act like they’re constantly made of this.

When you set yourself a challenging physical goal such as taking on an expedition length Adventure Race you have a chance to face these fears head on. To cross that finish line, you have developed your determination, perseverance, discipline, and courage. To take on and overcome a challenge of such proportions you walk away with benefits that can never be taken away from you. It’s one thing to think you can do something, and it’s another to know, because you’ve done it. You’ve done what few will ever do, what you thought you could not do, and that is all you need to repeat in order to achieve success in all other areas of your life.

Challenge and change is required to grow and develop as a person. If you’re not moving forward then you’re going backwards. You must be bold, be courageous but more importantly you need to take action on your dreams and your goals. Life rewards action. You must keep on moving forward, pick yourself back up if need be, but keep moving forward.

Life is best experienced outside your comfort zone – Adventure Racing adventure challenges you in such a way you find a strong, resilient determination inside of you, you foster a proud self respect and inspired self confidence, and have the knowledge that you can make things happen.

How does an event like Wildside change you?

At some stage in a long expedition race it’s likely you won’t feel 100%, you may get lost and something most defiantly won’t go to plan. Just getting yourself physically, emotionally and mentally through such a race is super challenging and then there’s the navigation, the organisation and logistics, the weather, the course demands, the problem solving, and you have your team to work with (and support, motivate and possibly coach them to get through too.) Adventure Racing helps you deal with life. No matter what happens (good or bad) you will learn a whole lot about yourself and about working as a team. It can’t help but change you. You will be empowered and strong and have amazing memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Tell us your dreams, what does the future hold and where will we see Andrea Peebles next?

I want to expand my RE-IGNITE LIFE business and help as many people as possible people become fit, healthy and strong and realise how truly amazing they are by achieving challenging adventures all around the World.

For my own physical challenges; Next year I’m competing in the World Multisport Championships, The Coast to Coast in New Zealand (243km of running, cycling and paddling) in February.

With Adventure Racing I’m looking to get into a competitive team to take on some of the World expedition Race Series.

I’m going to continue racing Mountain Biking, Obstacle Racing, and Multisport events and you might just see me lining up for The Munga non stop 1000km Mountain Bike in South Africa in December 2015.

Thanks Andrea & Good Luck on all your adventures