But what if you don’t really believe in yourself?

Believe in yourself!

If you can believe it you can achieve it!

If you don’t believe in you, who will?

You have to believe!!
What on earth does that mean?!
The most powerful six letter word in the dictionary – belief- but how do you get to a place where you 100% believe in yourself?

As anything less is doubt. 

And doubt is the equivalent of looking at that huge big rock as you’re riding around the corner (as opposed to out of the corner, where you want to go.) 

And as you know, if you focus on something, whether it’s negative or positive, that is exactly where you’ll go.
So I think back to some incredible achievements I’ve had, and did I 100% believe in myself? 
But hang on. 
I 100% believed in the possibility.
Heading in my first Mountain Bike Race, Hidden Vale 24hr, someone had commented that I was a nobody (which as a form

of motivation for me, someone saying I can’t do something or am not good enough, is strongly motivational for me.) It was suggested I enter this race (being 4 days before it started) and aim to win it.
Now this gets me to another point. 
Just because you 100% believe it can happen, doesn’t mean it will happen (well maybe not right away.)*

There are certain things like the Law of Physics, Gravity for example does exist, and (right now)* no matter how much ‘I believe’ I’m sure I won’t fly off the top of a building. 

So just ‘believing’ something to be true doesn’t make it true. I also know this having worked in Mental Health where people believed they had super powers and/or were God or the CIA —> now maybe they did (and I’m definitely not excluding this as a possibility, however at the time their actions didn’t back up their claims.)

 *this is also why I’m stating that right now it’s not possible, however I’m not excluding the fact that maybe we could do incredible things like run at the speed of light, but our thinking capabilities right now hold us back.
Anyway, right now, believing you may be able to do something really needs to be backed up by evidence to foster the belief.

 In the case of my Mountain Bike Race, I was fit, I was strong, and no I’d never ridden a bike for 24hr straight before, however I knew that if I could keep a constant pace and not stop to sleep, then winning it was a possibility. 
And so I did.

I won the race.
When I entered the Australian Titles 24hr Obstacle Race, I had only competed in 2 Obstacle Races before,; The Tough Mudder 3 years earlier and True Grit 11km 6 weeks out from the competition. 

I knew in order to podium at the event (this was my aim) I’d need to get very strong. I knew I’d have the stamina to keep running all through the night and the next day without needing to stop much. 

Despite having very little idea of what was in store for me in terms of obstacles and terrain over those 24hours, I was hopeful and confident I would do well.
Did I 100% believe in myself?

Hell no!
Did I 100% believe that it was possible I could get top 3?

Hell yes!
And so I did.

I came 2nd.
Now if I was to compete at the event this year, I know now what to expect and I’d train to make me stronger and faster, what to wear, what to eat etc etc 

Of course this would add to my self belief ‘pool’ and I’d go into the event believing I could do it (as opposed to believing the possibility of me doing well.)
And so the more I do, and succeed in my goals, the more my self belief grows.
But more so, the more my belief in ‘the possible’ increases and the bigger (and more crazy) my goals get. 
Imagine, with the right training, support, preparation, fuel, and the right mindset techniques and strategies etc what could be possible?! 
Wow now that excites me!
So yes, in order to succeed at your goals, whether it be to lose weight, get into a sports team, start up your own business, build your own home or cycle around the World etc you need to 100% believe in yourself that you can make it happen.
Having 100% belief is so hard, especially when you’re starting out so I dare you to instead, believe in the possibly. 
Is it possible you could …run a Marathon, lose 20kg, start a family, leave your job and pursue your passion? (please insert what ever it is that you want to achieve here)

**If someone else has done it, then yes, yes it is most definitely possible!
So believe in the possible. 

100% believe that whatever you want is possible.

Then watch your life change
Go strong x 


By andreapeebles

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