The World Multisport Championships 14 Feb 2015

So I’m alive!
243km from the west to the east side of New Zealand in 15 hours at the Speights Coast to Coast World Multisport Championships!

And wow! You guys have completely blown me away!

Thank you sooooo much for your amazing words!!

I am sooooo honoured a lot of you took the time to track me, think about me and send me amazing messages! Thank you!!

Wow what a day!

So I was feeling great after the first run and bike (and was in 3rd place) however I made a key error that had me on the backfoot leading into the run, and from there a series of nutrition errors meant I just didn’t have enough in my tank to race as hard as I wanted.

I was often very cranky, short and emotional (I was seriously undercarbed at times) and when I saw my amazing support crew I was a gross mess trying to stuff as much food into my my mouth, combined with copious amounts of snot and sweat, they really had the best job haha.

A huge thanks to Warren, Steve and Lesley, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, thank you!

Also huge thank you to the Peebles family who followed me for half of the race, yahooing and taking photos. It was so awesome thank you!

So a huuuuge day of learnings, but the main one being, I KNOW I have it in me to go much much faster.
It was very testing conditions with a very strong and cold wind during the paddle and cycle sections made it more challenging.

This was my first time entering the World Multisport Champs, and let’s just say, even despite the bruises, muscle soreness and slightly deflated feeling, it definitely won’t be my last. I already know how I can improve my performance and I can’t wait for next year!

So 8th placing for the Speights Coast to Coast World Multisport Championships (8mins behind 7th and 15mins behind 6th.)












Bring on next year!!!

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