The day/night/day that was, the one and only, ‘HurtCamp!’

So the weekend started 3am Sat.
I took a taxi, plane, & car ride to Central Coast, met the awesome Search4hurt crew #search4hurt and 11 other inspiring athletes.

All of us crazy 12 HurtCampees

All of us crazy 12 HurtCampees

From 8pm I was putting my body through a challenging and gruelling 13hr workout #hurtcamp

(and it wasn’t until 36 1/2 hours later did i get an hours sleep, and wasn’t until 10pm Sunday did I get to jump into bed!)

Yes Hurt Camp was hard.

But above all else it was fun and exhilarating- just the way I expected 😉

I felt in my element.

My body was unreal and did exactly what I wanted, and my mind stayed strong, positive and sharp, just how I’d planned.

I had prepared my body and mind so well, I almost feel stupid staying it wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve done.

But to be honest it wasn’t.

And that’s not to say it wasn’t super challenging, it really really was, but I knew it would be and I was 100% prepared physically, mentally and emotionally
(although there were some skill sets I didn’t have which frustrated me immensely haha)

It’s not untiI I’m up against incredible athletes do I then realise what an incredible body I have, and how awesome my training is (has been), and how well my body responds to the constant pressure I put on it.

Again, it’s that constant feeling I have that I’m never good enough, that I have to keep pushing myself to reach the next level (however always underestimating the level that I am currently at.)

Yesterday I competed with and against 11 amazing athletes that all had an unrelenting desire to push their bodies to the extreme.
We all had different strengths, skills and abilities and there were some people I was in absolute awe of. They certainly gave me another level in which to aim at and I feel so so privileged to have been surrounded by such high class athletes.
I certainly was proud of my efforts, and those of you that know or train with me know that I’m never usually proud of my efforts.

In fact just writing this makes me so tearful.

I know how important it is to be happy in the present moment, to love yourself and the gifts you have (and everyone has gifts. They may not be right where they want to be right now, but one of the secrets to becoming who you want to be and living the life you want, is to be grateful and appreciate the divine gifts you have, and of those around you.)

As you have probably heard me say again and again, the body truly goes where my mind wants it to.
My mind was prepared that whatever Matt Murphy threw at us at HurtCamp.
Not only was I prepared but I had an bright, beaming attitude of ‘bring it on!’
There was never a sense of dread or thinking ‘I don’t think I can do this!’ (and if it that ever crossed my mind, I immediately replaced my thoughts with “let’s do this!’

Peebles all the way!

Peebles all the way!

They kept asking us how we were feeling, and me the broken record would always reply ‘great!’

And no I wasn’t lying, or trying to sound like ‘the man!’ but I really was feeling great.

Yes sure my body hurt and I had to adapt, modify and problem solve to sort out some issues, and some tasks were painful and very challenging, but did that mean I wasn’t feeling great?
Hell no!

In all seriousness I enjoyed every moment.

Even when times were bleak, I had the opportunity to learn from it, to work out ways to try and lift my mood and to help me get back into that place where I feel that anything is possible.

And yes I am absolutely blessed that I do have this quite amazing skill and ability that when times should be tough I am the complete opposite, I’m a complete 180 degree turn, and I spread my energy, passion and excitement to everyone (who will listen really!)

I think this is where people (quite endearingly – I hope!) call me crazy, and do wonder what on earth I am on.

I chatter away, laughing, joking and get so excited in the moment, where I am and what I’m doing, but with total disregard to my physical state.

I know people say your true self comes out when you’re in your most darkest moments.
If my true self is a bubbly, fun, witty, energetic, passionate person who loves spreading joy and infecting people with her passion; then I can (should) be very happy with who I am.
(To write this and to actually believe it though is a whole other level. But one I’m working on 🙂

So this is it (in terms of what i can tell you.)

It’s only the start of my journey! 😉

What happened at HurtCamp stays at HurtCamp (until the episodes are aired June 2014.)

So my lips are sealed.

Hurt Camp: On the insideSo a word on my physical state now, some 20 hours after leaving Hurt Camp….

My body feels unreal.

Not only can I walk up and down stairs freely, get on and off the toilet, and put my bra on with ease (these are the dipsticks to assess how broken the body is!) but I don’t feel restricted at all!

(Ok so my abdominals feel a little tender, and touching my toes could be a bit of a push, and my neck could do with a gentle rub; but that is all!!!)

In June this year I ran 52km and the following day after camping run approx 63km, and I could barely walk when I woke up.

I was expecting a similar state (well actually I was expecting worse) but so far my body has completely knocked that right over!
(Quite possibly it may have forgotten what happened to it?! 😉

So all in all I am so so excited and proud of myself.

It’s a bit of a waiting game to see if I will become one of the next stars on Search4Hurt but whatever happens, the journey has only just begun!

There’s a huge wide world out there with so much adventure, excitement, and challenge, it both excites and inspires me.

Here’s to an amazing future ahead!!

Thank you so much for sharing in my journey.
It has been an amazing month, which ended with an incredible weekend at HurtCamp.
It’s been my absolute pleasure to have you along for the ride!!

Much love xx

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3 comments on “The day/night/day that was, the one and only, ‘HurtCamp!’

  1. I have said it publicly so just confirming it here. We are so proud of you and your achievements. I have no doubt that you will be the star of this and any show they could care to air. You are super talented, brave and gorgeous. You may also be the energiser bunny in reality. You go girl!

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