Today is the day!!!!!!

So it’s here.

The day has arrived!!!

I’m currently writing this whilst flying above Brisbane heading to Newcastle. I’m feeling so alive, so centred but incredibly passionate and positive.

I woke at 3am to get to the airport and have only had 3hours sleep.
I’ve left my drink bottle in the terminal, and my coat hangers of clothes (on separate occasions) in the terminal and have had to go on a hunt to find them.
I also was called on the PA and was the last passenger to board.
But these are very minor happenings to anyone that may know me ( and especially my record with flying mishaps and dramas.
I’m obviously giving out a good buzz to the universe and it’s coming back at me! 😉 – I do have my clothes, drink bottle and my sanity in tact! 😉

Although I just went to the bathroom on board (yes I know you don’t need or want to hear this, but since you know everything else…) and I very much look like someone that hasn’t had much sleep – where on earth did these eye bags come from?!
Hey who need to look their best when on tv pushing through their pain anyway aye?! 😉
So my monthly ‘friend’ decided they wanted to be part of the action too.
So it’s certainly all go here. Or should I say all go down there. Ewwwww.
Haha sorry guys!!!!! 😉

So I’m feeling really good.
In my mind that is – the most important place!

The body feels a wee bit achy but the body will go where the mind wants it to.

I know this for a fact.

This mind will go wherever hurt camps challenges take me, which means the body will follow!
And I will enjoy every second.

The main thing for me today (and tonight, and tomorrow!) is to have fun.
To feel fit, strong, sassy, sexy, smart, and be successful with everything I do- to feel proud Of myself and my actions by giving it my absolute best.
I cannot ask for more than my best.
And I will not be satisfied unless I give it my all.

To shine through and be the best possible version of myself that I can be is my mission.
But above all else, to act in a way that I inspire others to go after and achieve their dreams (just like I’m achieving mine!)

That really is my goal of hurt camp, of appearing on tv.

Is to be a positive role model of determination and passion, and to motivate and inspire others to go after what most excites them in life (no matter how scary) as that’s exactly why I’m doing 🙂

So before I go, I want to Thank you soooo much for your support and amazing kind words of encouragement and motivation.

I will make you guys proud.

I will make myself proud.

I cannot wait for fun camp (what they like to call hurt camp) to start!!!!!


By andreapeebles

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