Getting to the cause of the concern

So the past 5 days I’ve found myself feeling rather flat.
It’s just a feeling I’ve had and I really doubt anyone else could tell
(actually this would be interesting to find out.)

It wasn’t until yesterday when these feelings appeared to *manifest itself in my life when I realised I actually to get to the bottom of it.

*So I’ve had lots of problems arriving on time for my new job. 
I got a job working in an awesome bar overlooking the river in Central Brisbane –  it’s my way of being part of the fun, but obviously I’m working so I’m getting paid, which also comes in handy financing my business needs ;)
However if I told you the stories of what happened you probably wouldn’t believe me (that is unless you know me well, and then you’d just sigh and say ‘It would only happen to Andrea!’ However when I decided to bike to work and got not 1 but 2 punctures on my 3rd day being VERY late for work, that I had a bit of a reassessment.

**It may sound weird but internal problems in my life manifest itself as problems with my bike. The last time this was terribly bad, was when I was in London and my Visa was up. I so badly wanted to stay in London however I had NO idea how I was going to make this happen. The deadline was dooming near and I found myself in a real frazzle knowing that the life I loved was going to end and I had no control over it what so ever. Even bike mechanics were puzzled why I was having soooooo many problems. It was just the Universe reflecting back to me the turmoil that was going on inside of me.

So yesterday, I reflected on what was going on in my life and reassessed my values (what’s important to me) and how they were stacking up in my life.

What I found was my value of having direction, clear purpose and goals was not being lived.

Yes sure in 3 weeks time I will line up to take on a 24hour challenge for the Search4Hurt Audition (and yes I am currently working on my business goals) but there is a huge cloud of unknowingness surrounding 2014.

If I do get onto Search4Hurt, this will mean every month I’m traveling around Australia and New Zealand (and quite possible around the world – I sooooo hope so!) completing crazy Adventures (OMG my heart rate just jumped 30 beats! So exciting! 😉 but if not, then I’m free to plan my own Adventures (which will be just as equally exciting.)

I think this unknowingness was wrecking havoc with my desires, and it was severely impacting on my day to day life.

So I decided I needed to take control.

I know that simply setting a goal to be on Search4Hurt and saying positive affirmations and constantly reminding myself of my Search4Hurt goal was not the right way to go about it.

In fact, I know that Search4Hurt is not my actual goal.

My goal (this is the short version for you) is to live a fulfilling, exciting successful life full of adventure, achievement and happiness and to be a role model of determination and positivity and to inspire, motivate and coach people to take control of their lives, and go after what truly excites them and ultimately achieve success in their lives (just like I’m achieving mine.)
Yes in 3 weeks time I will attend an Audition for Search4Hurt, and my goal for that is to present as the best possible version of myself that i can be.
If I am not what the producers are looking for, then that’s fine as I know I will achieve my goal (above) and it will be evidence that Search4Hurt at that time is obviously not what is needed in my life.

Please don’t think that I am saying this to soften the blow if I don’t get in.

It’s not like that at all.

The thought of being on Search4Hurt excites me no end.

The power of pushing through what you didn’t think possible and the positive impact it has on your body, your mind and your life, is what I’m all about, and through Search4Hurt I know I can demonstrate this the world.
But it’s my way of taking back control in order for me to feel balanced, and to feel inspired, happy and motivated when i wake up in the morning, and throughout the day.

Don’t we all want to feel like that?

I know I want my body to scream inspiration, happiness and motivation every single day! 🙂

So I reassessed my values. 

I thought back to the times in my life when I felt soooo happy and what was present in my life.
– I need to have adventure, challenge (mentally and physically), direction and goals, exploration through the outdoors/nature, fun, and close connection with people in order for my life to be successful.

These are my top 6 values.

But it also wasn’t until I left work at 1am, jumped on my bike and heard the sound of pumping electro as I put my ear phones in and listened to my self improvement audio that I also felt an unbalance.

Music inspires, rejuvenates and invigorates me.
I’m a dancing queen!
I LOVE upbeat music.
I love being around other people that also love music.

One of my most rewarding times of my life was when I was living in Ibiza, and every night was a celebration of the best music artists in the world. 
I was surrounded by amazing, positive and energized people wanting to create amazing memories, and I met and became friends with many incredible people, and have so many amazing memories of that place.
(I also got to explore by mountain bike the amazing island, and had many challenging adventures, which also added to my love of my life at that time.)

My soul craves the energy and excitement that I get from music.
And it hasn’t been present in my life.

Yes sure I’ve been listening to music when I’m working out with Sharon Anyos (5x World Champion Boxer!!) who is my amazing Exercise, Health and Lifestyle Professional who challenges and inspires me to work hard and be more (I’ll tell you more about my work with her another time.)
But my focus is on working hard, and to be honest I barely notice the music.

I’m talking about being in the moment with the music.
Being present in the now.
Not thinking about what I’ve got to do, how my day has gone, or worrying about the future.
I’m talking about soaking in the present moment, the moment that once you concentrate on it, it’s gone.
You will never ever have another moment like again.
And being present in the now is a vital ingredient of being happy.

So last night I put on some funky beats whilst I cooked dinner, and I found myself dancing around the kitchen.

Man I felt good.

*I actually learnt this off my dear friend Petterson. 
I used to laugh at him when he turned music on, shut his eyes and danced around his bedroom.
He was on to a good thing.
He didn’t need to wait until he was at a gig or out at a bar on the weekend, he danced because it made him happy. And he was (and still is) a positive, upbeat and incredible person to be around.

So this morning I woke up feeling really good.
I actually looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked really good (without make up.)
It’s like my inner beauty is shining through.
It’s a really nice feeling to think you look beautiful.
It’s like an amazing fuel for the soul.

So I’m looking after myself from the inside (my diet consists of lots of fruit and vegies and food as close to as nature intended – from the ground – or from an animal.)
However I did eat a few hard lollies the other day, and I was punished by my whole back tooth breaking off!
The Universes way of giving me a hard slap on the bum!! 😉

So now I feel back on track.

My life feels more aligned with my values .
I know what I need to do in order to feel happy – if I make decisions in my life based on my values, then I know this will bring me peace and happiness (or more excitement, inspiration, energy and fun – what I want!)

So I’m belting out loud tunes whilst i’m writing this, and in a minute I’m going to strap on my running shoes and listen to an Audio whilst I pave the streets (I also need inspiration and education, and I get that from listening to people that have what i want.)
It’s a juggling act.
An exciting juggling act.

However it’s not hard once you know how.

Do you know your top values?
Do you know what’s important to you in your life?

Once you know what they are, following your life path becomes easy.

I urge you to sit down and have a few think of what (exactly) is important to you.
To you.
Not what other people think you should value.
Not what you think should be important.

Have a think what really is required in your life for you to feel successful, to feel alive, to feel passionate about your life.

I reckon the first step to getting what you want in life is to know exactly who you are and what you want.

Then the rest will take care of itself.

Do what makes you feel happy, and success will follow.

Until next time my friends!!!

By andreapeebles

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